The Best Neighborhood Bars in Chicago

Embrace tranquility and take a break with a delicious cocktail or fresh draft beer as the neighborhood bars of Chicago provide the perfect escape. In the heart of Chicago, discover bars that not only serve exquisite appetizers and delectable cuisine, but also locally crafted beers, giving you an array of options to choose from. When it comes to seeking diverse entertainment coupled with frosty beverages, let this Chicago neighborhood bar guide light your way.

Chicago Neighborhood Bars

Nisei Lounge

Regarded as Wrigley’s most vintage tavern, the Nisei Lounge invites sports enthusiasts to either revel in victory or explore various activities in the heart of Chicago. Not only does this iconic sports bar present a range of ice-cold brews, but it also provides patrons an opportunity to engage in a competitive match of darts or a variety of board games. Embodying a modest yet authentic Chicago neighborhood bar atmosphere, the Nisei Lounge is situated at 3439 North Sheffield Avenue in the vibrant Boys town neighborhood.

Archie’s Iowa & Rockwell Tavern

Archie’s, a well-established neighborhood bar in Chicago, resides at 2600 West Iowa Street in the culturally rich Ukrainian Village neighborhood. The locale has been a favorite among industry regulars. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of bottled beers within the deep chiller, presenting more imported choices than one might anticipate. Whether you want to catch a thrilling Chicago Bulls match or cheer for the Bears while enjoying a Sunday Fun Day in Chicago, Archie’s is the place to be.

Stella’s Tap

With a unique and invigorating ambiance, Stella’s Tap has successfully etched its place as a revered neighborhood bar in Chicago. Known for its special cocktails, bottled beers, and welcoming environment, it is a creation of Stella, a determined woman with a Chicago-Polish lineage. This charismatic dive bar provides the perfect setting for a ladies’ night or a casual meet-up among friends, boasting a pleasing aesthetic and chilled beers. Stella’s Tap is conveniently situated at 935 North Western Avenue within the Ukrainian Village neighborhood.


Situated at 2149 South Halsted Street within the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood, Skylark is a significant fixture within the local Chicago scene. Frequently playing host to an eclectic mix of local artists and ambitious entrepreneurs in search of the quintessential Chicago happy hour, Skylark delivers a classic bar food menu, frosty beverages and unique cocktails fit for any event. As you unwind with your preferred drink at this iconic local watering hole, take a moment to appreciate the mementos adorning the walls, a testament to its Hollywood credentials as a filming location for scenes from “The Breakup”.

Shinnick’s Pub

Shinnick’s emerges as a favorite Chicago gathering place on St. Patrick’s Day, yet its inviting atmosphere encourages patrons to celebrate their Irish roots all year round. This family-operated local bar is a quintessential Chicago dive bar, the perfect spot to revel in a White Sox victory with a celebratory shot or toast a promising baseball season with a chilled pint of draft beer. Nestled at 3758 South Union in the Wentworth Gardens neighborhood, Shinnick’s Pub is a local haunt you’ll find yourself returning to, even during baseball’s offseason.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a dedicated Chicago sports bar or a classic Chicago dive bar, the Windy City has you covered. Schedule your upcoming happy hour or your next leisurely Sunday Fun Day at any of these renowned Chicago establishments. Keep an eye out for our regular updates highlighting more local bars in Chicago that you won’t want to miss.

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