Foster Beach

A Beloved Destination in Lincoln Park: Foster Beach

Indulge in a delightful experience with your furry companion at the cherished Foster Beach in Lincoln Park. This beach haven offers a variety of amenities including a beach house with convenient concessions, bike rentals, and well-maintained restroom facilities. For those with canine companions, there is a renowned dog beach located at the northeast corner of the park. Swimmers can also enjoy the freedom of distance swimming, spanning from the Center Tower to the northern tip of the beach. Furthermore, Foster Beach proudly features an accessible beach walk, ensuring that everyone can revel in this idyllic paradise.

The Fascinating History of Foster Beach

Foster Beach owes its existence to the landfill extension project that took place in Lincoln Park during the 1950s. This scenic beach was completed in 1958 as part of an ambitious plan initiated in 1947. E.V. Buchsbaum played a pivotal role by designing the beach house, which was subsequently constructed between the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the 1990s, a new beach house was built, enhancing the facilities and amenities available to visitors.

Exploring Foster Beach in Detail

Presently, Foster Beach stands as one of the most well-equipped and inviting beaches in the neighborhood. For those arriving by car, a convenient pay and display parking lot awaits. Alternatively, you can rely on public transit by accessing the Berwyn CTA Red Line Station or opting for the 147 Outer Driver Express or 151 Sheridan buses.

In the grassy expanse of the park, you will discover the captivating Lead with The Heart carved wood statues. This awe-inspiring monument was created by artist Kara James in 2014, as part of the esteemed Chicago Tree Project.

If hunger strikes during your visit, Foster Beach offers a splendid array of concessions to satiate your appetite. Options abound, including La Playa Concession, Prairie Cafe, and Boucher Brothers. Boucher Brothers also provide convenient beach chair and umbrella rentals, in addition to their delicious fare. Furthermore, Foster Beach’s Wheel of Fun Rental allows you to indulge in a leisurely bike ride along the picturesque pathways that wind through the beach.

With the presence of clean and accessible restrooms, as well as reliable WiFi connectivity, Foster Beach is an ideal destination for spending a complete day in comfort. Moreover, your beloved canine companion can join in the fun at the ever-popular dog beach situated at the northernmost section of the park. For those seeking aquatic adventures, distance swimming is permitted from the Center Tower to the northern end of the beach, running parallel to the shore along the boat line. Additionally, visitors can access the Lake Michigan Water trail for thrilling activities such as kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddle boarding. Lifeguards are diligently present every day from 11 am to 7 pm, ensuring a safe experience for all.

Enthusiastic beachgoers also revel in the opportunity to engage in spirited games of volleyball in the sandy pits available at Foster Beach. Many visitors also testify to the stunning panoramic views of the city that can be admired from this magnificent beach in Lincoln Park.

Exciting Events at Foster Beach

Throughout the season, foster Beach hosts a diverse range of community events that capture the spirit of togetherness. One notable occasion is the Full Moon Jam, which takes place in August and September. This family-friendly monthly celebration showcases captivating fire dancing, vibrant drumming, and fosters a strong sense of community. Following these lively festivities, visitors participate in a community cleanup, ensuring that the beach retains its pristine beauty.

Foster Beach

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