Exploring Chicago on Wheels: Bike and Roll Chicago

Bike & Roll Chicago Details

Bike and Roll Chicago
239 E. Randolph St
Millennium Park
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone Number: (312) 729-1000
Year Established: 1993

Official Website: http://bikechicago.com/

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Chicago while cruising on two wheels, whether it’s a bicycle or a Segway. With over thirty captivating tours to choose from, Bike and Roll ensures an unforgettable experience, unveiling the heart and soul of this vibrant city, complete with iconic landmarks, enticing attractions, and cultural hotspots.

Given that Chicago has consistently been crowned the most bike-friendly city in the United States, it comes as no surprise that Bike and Segway tourism thrives here!

Variety of Bike and Roll Tours

Types of Bike and Roll Tours city


Bike and Roll Chicago takes pride in offering an extensive array of bicycle and Segway tours, boasting the largest selection of bicycles in the city. These remarkable excursions typically commence at Navy Pier or Millennium Park, both regarded as must-visit destinations in Chicago.

Embark on more than thirty distinct tour options, granting riders the opportunity to meander along the picturesque lakefront, explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, traverse Lincoln Park’s enchanting paths, admire Navy Pier’s allure, and even catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing summer sunset or Chicago’s renowned fireworks.

Discover the Wonders on a Bike and Roll Tour

The beauty of bike and Segway tours lies in their ability to transport visitors to places inaccessible by buses, offering a greater range than what can be achieved on foot. Depending on the chosen tour, Bike and Roll adventures may include visits to these extraordinary sites throughout Chicago:

  1. Chicago’s Neighborhoods: Escape the tourist hubs and delve into the local scene, discovering the authentic activities of Chicagoans.
  2. Breweries: Unearth the city’s rich brewing heritage by venturing into Chinatown, the Prairie Mansion District, and Pilsen. A potential stop at Lagunita’s Taproom and Brewery provides a delightful experience.
  3. Lincoln Park: Immerse yourself in the world-renowned zoo, Chicago’s captivating lakefront beaches, Navy Pier’s allure, and much more, all while appreciating the blend of nature and architectural marvels.
  4. Chicago at Night: Delight in the brilliance of the Windy City’s attractions illuminated by nightfall. Witness the mesmerizing Buckingham Fountain, the captivating Navy Pier, and the entire skyline, culminating in a breathtaking fireworks display to conclude the night.
  5. Skyscrapers: In a city renowned for its iconic architecture, guests have the opportunity to witness and learn about Chicago’s famous buildings that emerged from the ashes of the Great Fire of 1871, leaving a lasting architectural legacy.
  6. Navy Pier: Traverse the remarkable Milton Olive Park, savoring panoramic views of the North Side Skyline against the backdrop of Ohio Street Beach and Lake Michigan.

Discover Chicago Detours’ captivating walking bar tour, a must-try experience if you’re a fan of Bike and Roll’s bicycle Brewery tour.

Bike and Roll Services Bike and Roll offers exciting bicycle and Segway tours, providing all the necessary equipment as part of the ticket price. Additionally, they offer convenient bicycle rentals at popular locations such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and Riverwalk, catering to both locals and visitors.

Customized private tours and group events can be arranged through Bike and Roll Chicago, whether centered around bicycles, Segways, or even food. No matter the group size, Bike and Roll’s extensive fleet of over 500 bicycles can accommodate your needs.

Bike and Roll Timing Bike and Roll’s tour season typically spans from May through September or October, coinciding with the warmer months. They offer multiple tours throughout the day, starting from morning until evening. Fireworks tours may occur only on specific days or special occasions.

The duration of the tours usually ranges from 2 to 4 hours and varies in difficulty level.

Bike and Roll Considerations

Important information to know before booking a tour with Bike and Roll:

  • Save money by purchasing a Go Chicago Card or Chicago Explorer Pass, which includes a 4-hour bike rental from Bike and Roll, ideal if you plan to explore other attractions.
  • All Bike and Roll tours cover the cost of equipment rental, including bicycles, Segways, and helmets.
  • Segway tours typically commence from the Navy Pier location (700 Grand Avenue) or the Millennium Park location (239 E Randolph Street).
  • Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the tour to allow time for equipment fitting.
  • Segway tours are suitable for ages 12 and above.
  • Children under the age of 12 may join bicycle tours at a discounted rate (bicycles available for children 4’6″ or taller, while trailers are provided for younger children).
  • Brewery tours are exclusively for guests aged 21 and older.
  • Tours may be canceled by Bike and Roll due to inclement weather or other reasons, with rescheduling or refunds offered as alternatives.
  • For tour cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance, guests may receive a refund, minus a nominal service fee.
  • Tour tickets include a complimentary bottle of water and a small snack.
  • Participants are advised to dress appropriately for the weather. Bike and Roll offers sunscreen, sunglasses, and gloves for purchase at their site.
  • Tour guides gratefully accept gratuities for their exceptional service.

Book a Bike and Roll Tour

To secure your spot, it is recommended to purchase Bike and Roll tour tickets in advance through their user-friendly online booking system. Due to high demand, tours often sell out quickly. Simply pay with your credit card and receive an email containing all the essential details, including meeting locations, tour schedules, and what to expect during the tour.

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